Slow Food in Hungary

The first Slow Food convivium in Hungary was founded in 2002, and by 2006 the number of conviviums has increased to six.

The groups have been formed in regions where traditional agricultural products and food specialties are still a matter of course, but in the context of fast-changing economic and trade practices, have become less prevalent.
For this reason the primary objective of these convivium is the preservation, maintenance, documentation and introduction to a wider audience of these typical products.

According to widespread opinion Hungarian fruits and vegetables are especially flavorful, and it’s gastronomy is rich is food delicacies. Among the many varieties of wine there are some unique specialties. For foreign visitors Hungary offers many interesting and delicious tastes. Among the many products several are known worldwide: paprika, the grey cattle breed, the mangalica swine breed, goose liver; the exceptional sour cream and cottage cheese, gulyás and pörkölt, stuffed cabbage, and strudel, not to mention wine from the Tokaj region.

With the help of the Hungarian Agrarian Marketing Center (AMC) a comprehensive study (an "ark of taste”) has been developed, containing the description, historical information and availability of 300 products typical products. The materials of this "Traditions, Flavors and Regions” program are available in book as well as a tri-lingual CD-rom format.

While this website is in Hungarian, a few things are easily deciphered:

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